Monthly Archives: April 2023

Understanding our emotional selves…

Being able to label our heavy (often perceived as negative) emotions is key to be able to understand our triggers. By being able to label the emotion we are experiencing we are getting ahead of our subconscious’ attempt to self sabotage. Our subconscious is often pushing us into a survival (or trauma response) unless we pull awareness into our consciousness to understand what’s happening within our emotional state (name the emotion, give ourselves a chance to feel it, validate it and move through it) and notice that emotion being stored in our bodies.

Within the book: The Mountain is You—- Written by Brianna West “Embedded within each self-sabotaging behaviour is actually the key to unlock it, if only we can understand it first.”

1. Label the behaviour,
2. Label the emotional states (name the emotion, feel it, validate it and move through it),
3. Understanding the purpose, the behaviour is having (protective, survival, familiarity, safety etc).

This process ultimately gives you the chance to respond and change the behaviour. This is key to setting new pathways and not letting our past behaviours predict each future opportunity.