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Recognizing a Key Benefit to Summer:

Sunshine! 🌞 Comes with many benefits that protect us both mentally and physically.

Mentally: provides us increase in energy, increase in ability to step into motivation, boosts your mood (through the natural increase to serotonin), increases your ability to regulate (and stabilize emotions, increases a prolong state of calm, and increase to focus). Provides stabilization properties to several mental health diagnosis’. Increases alertness. Increases a persons ability to connect with others.

Physically: lowers blood pressure, heals inflammation, prevents some risk factors to certain cancers (important to note while using the protective qualities of sunscreen and shade). Also promotes increase to sleep. Boosts immune system. Helps wounds heal. Helps relieve pain (not a direct relief with chronic pain).

The natural state of sunshine does so much for us as humans. It’s important to give ourselves permission to get more of what we need.

Things to consider throughout this season before it passes us by:
-How can I obtain sunshine/sunlight first thing in the morning? How can I develop this into my morning routine?
-How can I ensure I get outdoors daily?
-Can I take anytime off this summer to ensure I give myself additional time outdoors?
-How can I make time for connection with others while outdoors?