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Working Towards Mental Wellness

Mental health challenges come in many different facets and from different avenues. The labels that come along with a mental health diagnosis can be either uplifting or heavy to the point of debilitating for individuals. Our focus is not on the labels or what any specific diagnosis means but on the individual, what different resources are needed for support, and the changes needed to occur to improve their quality of life.

That is my role, I am here to support you to navigate the systems, listen to your experiences, and assist in achieving your goals. Within therapy we will be able to analyze your overall mental health and how you are impacted by different experiences.

Counselling uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to support you and help to reduce the negative impact that your mental health can have on your daily experiences (whether that be lack of motivation or desire, hygiene, feelings of stagnation or despair, or unsure of where to go from here). I can support you through it!

The fear of the diagnosis and labeling can be very disabling for some which often leads to the individual not seeking support. By completing this first step of reaching out, making that phone call, or sending an email, you will feel a sense of freedom from your challenges. I will take it from there, by setting up a session and leading you through an assessment where with your input your goals will be identified and an action plan will be further developed!

Therapy is a safe environment for you to explore your emotions, feelings, and experiences in a non-judgmental way.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” 
 – Brené Brown

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) sets the expectation of what an addiction, trauma, and mental health disorder is. This provides the framework of ‘what classifies as what.’

This information, although helpful, is not everything. Each person is a unique individual with different experiences. The ideal within each therapy session is to see past the current behaviours (or symptoms) of the diagnosis or labels and to work with the current needs.

What will better support you today to equate to a better tomorrow?! – Together we can determine what this is for you.

*I will not be providing you with any diagnosis (as I am not a physician) or labels (as I am not here to judge you).*