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Counselling Services

Our counselling services include individual, couples, and family sessions. Depending upon your current needs and goals, your counselling will be designed to fit your needs accordingly.

Counselling is a network between yourself and a therapist to explore what is going on for you. This exploration can be accomplished through talk therapy to pull apart your current stressors, changes, frustrations, or anxieties and communicating your experiences with words (both spoken and written) to process these occurrences.

The relationship between yourself and a therapist can help you to reach different goals you set for yourself, assist with the processing of different life events, and to further support you and your personal development.

Counselling/Therapy Services…


There are many different experiences that an individual can have with an addiction. This can include substances, gambling, gaming, shopping, and sexual behaviours. It is the act of over-use; to the point that the object has taken over an individual’s ability to cope or potentially function on a continuous cycle. Are you starting to assess your level of use of any substance or behaviour? Has a substance or behaviour become a predominant part of your daily life?
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Are you experiencing challenges within your family unit (adopted, biological, blended, or chosen)? These experiences could be between yourself and your partner, child, parent, or extended family member. With therapy these experiences can be outlined and addressed within a safe environment; working together to resolve any challenges and working towards a collective family unit.
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Mental Health

Mental health encompasses many different elements of an individual’s well-being. Mental health is more than a diagnosis; it is about your overall mental well-being (emotional, spiritual, and psychological). Looking at your mental wellness, how would you rate your current mental health?—if you’re looking for information, resources, coping strategies, or feel something is missing.
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Trauma is a unique definition that one individual could not dictate for another. A traumatic experience depends on many variables, your upbringing, family systems, social network, genetics, culture, and experiences all play a role in how different events impact us. Working through a traumatic experience can be disempowering, overpowering, or may feel impossible. With therapy you’ll be able to work with your therapist to develop an action plan towards control, understanding, and coping.
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Couples Counselling

Can assist all couples (same-sex and hetero); dating, common-law, and married. Whether the relationship is within the new stages or been together for a length a time; all relationships are of equal importance. Are you experiencing any moments of feeling stuck? –Are you wanting to strengthen your relationship?
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Have you been faced with a loss within your life? Are you finding this particular loss to be challenging or preventing you from completing different elements of your daily life?

Losing someone/or something impacts each individual differently. Grieving that loss and processing it can become overwhelming and debilitating. Therapy can assist to help you process this in a healthy way, supportive way.
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Life Transitions

Life changes and transitions can be empowering and lead individuals in a new direction but can be challenging to process and move through for some individuals at certain life stages and times.

Therapy can address these challenges and present a new way to look at the different transitions. Are you feeling stuck?—Are you wanting to make sense of a challenging situation; and see the positive side of things?
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