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Pressures to be ‘Organized’ within our Society…

When it comes to most settings within our society a question is often presented on “How organized are you? /Or How do you remain organized?” These questions can be loaded if you do not find yourself to ‘fit’ the Canadian standard of organization and reality of working yourself to excessive means. Organization is hidden within productivity! But the two are not exclusive. Organization is marketed to us as a means to work smarter not necessarily harder. However, our population as a whole has an increase in distracted thinking. Therefore, we are needing ‘more support’ in order to perform at the level that society is measuring us too. If we could take a moment to step back, reassess the need of each task/pressure and reevaluate what is truly needed versus forced upon us by another group’s standard; we could be performing at new levels without the need of excessive productivity.

Adults within our society that think different (especially those with ADHD) that are found or labelled to be disorganized (as they are compared to societal pressures and predispositions of what organization is). As founded in Judith Kolberg research—individuals that think different turn away from organization techniques as a whole because the worry around perfectionism comes up and the idea of not starting at all becomes more attractive because then “I cannot fail”.

How to start performing at new levels without excessive productivity:
1. What is your personal definition of Organization?
2. What is your personal definition of Productivity?
3. What do you need to internally feel organized within your life (personal and professionally)?
4. Is there a negative narrative occurring for you internally? If so, who’s voice is that?