Monthly Archives: November 2020

Transition into Winter Season: COVID Edition

With the transition into winter often the first few items we notice is the early darkness setting in (that reality of leaving work/school and only able to witness 60-90 minutes of daylight), the cold (starting to hit temperature of below zero), and individuals natural desires to withdraw socially (often looked at as isolation or some hibernation).

This year in particular there is a few added pieces, as a huge benefit we had a gentle transition into the winter cold (plus 20 degrees several days within November +), but we are also living within a global pandemic where a lot of our once comforts are not necessarily an option.

We then need to develop new traditions, coping mechanisms, and strategies to ensure we are taking care of ourselves within these times. Checking in with yourself around what have I done for myself (within and outside my basic needs today)? Have I had a social connection with another human outside of work/school (virtual, in-person with safety measures in place)? What resources can I reach out too? What am I noticing that I am feeling (pulling upon some mindfulness, mediation techniques)? How is my body doing within this time (have you exercised, stretched, or done any movement)?