Monthly Archives: December 2017

Self-Care equals Self-Worth…

“When you find yourself struggling with trust [or others]; step one is to examine how you treat yourself.” -Brene Brown

Putting yourself down, second, or last is long lasting on your well-being. The tag word of ‘Self-Care’ can feel overwhelming, not-valid, or not worthwhile. We need to reinvent the idea of ‘Self-Care’ and view it as something that is needed (as much as our bodies need food and water), as it is truly not optional.

Our bodies need to be loved by ourselves! The trick is finding something that you can add into your daily routine that will add benefit to each day. This could be as simple as saying “Good Morning” to yourself in the mirror and smiling, sipping your morning coffee/tea, going for a brief walk, taking a few extra long breaths before responding, taking a break from your phone, or writing your thoughts down. I feel the key is to take a continuous inventory of what you’re doing for yourself each day, and ensuring this action is adding value rather than taking something from you.

What ‘Self-Care’ value/action will you add to your daily routine?