Monthly Archives: July 2019

Self Inventory

Ensuring We are on the Right Path (or Starting a New Path if needed)
Taking a self inventory of things we are wanting out of life is a daily experience (or at least that is the goal). Pulling this process from our subconscious and calling attention to it is key.

Taking the moment to reflection upon what your day looks like at the start—
1. What expectations are before you?
2. What are you hoping for?
3. What are you going to ensure happens?

Taking an inventory throughout the day to see if you are remaining in line with how you set out that morning.

In the evening wrapping the day up with reviewing your responses to those questions from the morning.
1. Did it go as planned?
2. Did it go better?
3. Or was it different all together-creating a new path?

The process isn’t as time consuming as you may think at first glance. Its a chance to give ourselves a moment of reflection and ability to ‘check in’. Once it becomes a part of our routine it is set within our default.—We begin to do it even before the morning coffee/jolt of energy sets in.
**Key take away from this process– you have the strength to build a path and a new one at any point if that is what you’re needing**