Monthly Archives: January 2022

Our Emotional Capabilities…

Our mental load has a huge influence on what our emotional capabilities are. Understanding what our present day mental load is allows us to have an increase self understanding. This allows us to add insight to what might be causing: a lower ability to remain calm, being inactive in communication, and not functioning at the level we expect of ourselves.

Taking an inventory of what our mental load is, is a great spot to start:

1. What daily activities am I responsible for (for self and others— partner, children, parents, etc.)?
2. What weekly tasks do I track for (for self and others)?
3. What responsibilities are mine within my career, school, volunteer, etc. (for self and than the role I play in these areas for others)?
4. What are the larger goals I’m actively perusing (my role in them for self and for others)?

The purpose of this inventory is to understand what is running through our brains on a continuous basis and how we can off load what is not ours to carry and how to simplify what is.