Monthly Archives: June 2023

Understanding Our Expectations

Expectations can hold us hostage in our own circumstance.

Allowing ourselves to name expectations of the moment, day, and the event is key. Knowing what our minds are focusing on both consciously and unconsciously are key methods to setting the stage for our needs to be acknowledged, met, and wants identified.

Holding unchecked expectations is the breeding ground for disconnection. Our expectations that are not communicated or fact checked lead us to resentment and pulling away from positive relationships.

An example to show importance of checking expectations: If we go into a situation that we have planned as a celebration for another person. We need to check what our expectations are for the event and for the persons reaction. We can not hold expectations for how another person reacts/or responds to something we have done for them—- we need to recognize that in doing that, it sets ourselves up for failure. We need to be able to name our intentions—- watch for the impact they have and hold good conversations for openness and transparency on both sides of the event.