Monthly Archives: October 2022

Grief—The Inner Beast of a Human Experience

There is a strong (and damaging) myth when it comes to grief “time heals everything; and as time passes, you’ll heal, and it gets easier.” Those phrases are well meaning but very inaccurate. As time passes parts of the grief shift, memories refocus, meaning from their life is created and honoured, and emotions become processed. Grief is a unique beast within the human experience—- we all go through it, as we all experience loss, and yet we never experience the same loss as another person (even if we both lost a sibling, parent, spouse, child, etc.).

Be kind with yourself and catch those moments of comparison to others lived experience of grief and turn that inward—- Refocus yourself too: How far have you come in your personal grief story? Focus on that comparison. As I’m a firm believer that, this is the only form of comparison that is productive and supportive.