Monthly Archives: December 2018

Internal Struggles

Wanted (Internal) Vs. Expected (External)… Patterns around determining what is wanted vs what is expected. This comes to the surface within our circumstances and environment. Often we are finding ourselves contemplating internally for what I want to occur (or set goals for) vs the external element of what others expect me to accomplish (or complete within my life).

Let’s pull on that last notion—My Life!—If you are not comfortable, passionate, and driven by your internal wants you will not be as successful. If you are making decisions for yourself based upon those external influences you may find yourself to be resentful, unfulfilled, and disconnected from your own circumstances.

It comes down to—Understanding your wants vs others expectations. Asking yourself those questions on a daily basis, Who are I doing this action for? Who is this benefiting?

*What a perfect time to start to ask those questions with the pending holiday season!