Monthly Archives: March 2019


We have fully transitioned into the New Year; at this point we have had three months of experience within our newly set routines. This is a helpful moment to reflect back to how we wanted this year to go. Are we following the path that we set out on? Have we taken on a new adventure? Is the direction I am headed reflect where I want to be in 6-12 months from now?

Often times we wait to reflect until the end of a goal or end of a year. Ongoing reflection helps us to maintain our goals more effectively.

Some helpful suggestions are:
a) Set time to ensure you dedicate the space and energy for your self-reflection and accountability.

b) Ask your partner or loved one if they see you following the path you are wanting.

Accountability and reflection are the key components to balance.

Find an equal balance of stabilization in the now, but not obtaining comfort with stagnation.