Monthly Archives: November 2021

Holiday Season and Expectations…

With our recent shift into increased amounts of darkness, colder weather, and snow falling—- the reality starts to sink in that the holiday season is around the corner (if not here already).

You might be embracing that holiday spirit, by decorating, shopping planning and looking forward to the upcoming celebrations/return of traditions. Or you might be dreading this time of year, holding anxieties, increased feelings of depression, and increased concerns of safety based upon other’s expectations. You might also be a sprinkle from column A and column B!

The importance to note here is however you’re feeling about the upcoming holidays and season change is completely natural and healthy. Naming that emotion, noticing it and leaning into it most definitely how to start meeting your own needs.

You are the priority here! Let yourself sit with that idea for a few moments. This can be accomplished by continuing or starting to set boundaries of what you’re able to be a part of and what you’re not.