Monthly Archives: July 2020

We are our GAINS not our Losses…

“Focusing on individual gains not losses.” – Maia Szalavitz

Throughout our life we are taught and shown to see our ‘shortcomings, perceived failures, and areas of growth’ as our losses. When we look inward with this lens you will find what you are searching for, with little to no difficulty. It has become our default (meaning that this will be happening automatically before we even have the conscious ability to correct it, stop it, or redirect it).

Could you imagine what it would look like to view ourselves with the lens of our gains? This feels uncomfortable to start, but will become more and more uplifting as we shift into it. Being able to reflect on our actions or inactions as taking note of what gains I made, or what growth occurred will allow us to continue this growth pattern and surpass limits we likely did not even know we were placing upon ourselves.

“People are doing the best they can with what they have.” – Brene Brown If we were to reevaluate how we assess ourselves and name we are doing the best we can with what we know and have within that moment our perceptive shifts. You’re doing a better job growing than you’re giving yourself credit for!