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Creating Solid Routines—- Build into Positive Habits: It Starts with Sleep

Building a routine specific to your needs and mindset is a key strategy. If we can associate positive thoughts (benefits) to the tasks we are attempting to build into habits we have more success of accepting them versus consequences that are punish focused. Positive rewards work!

Using the method of: Stories of Three. We need to associate 3 items to your evening routine that you are already doing every single day. This builds a strategy for success and intentionality of a routine.

Starting with the least resistance is key. So pulling three items you are already doing or doing more often than not, is important. This ensures we avoid initiating your central nervous system— and activating your stress response. Looking for positive reinforcement not punishment.

Options of items of what you are already doing might be: making your lunch for tomorrow, setting out clothes for tomorrow, brushing your teeth, washing your face, showering or having a bath, reading, completing a mediation, journaling, naming things you’re focusing on for tomorrow, etc.

Setting it into routine to allow for habits to form:
1. What three things are you requiring you complete prior to getting into bed?
2. What order are you wanting to do them in?
3. Be physically in bed every day within the same window of time (only rare social exceptions to this). This window of time should be only 30 mins —ex:- 9-9:30pm.
4. Another key consideration is that you haven’t touched a screen (ipad, phone, TV, etc) for 2 hours prior to getting into bed—- if this seems like too big of step start with 15-20 minutes.