Monthly Archives: March 2020

Anxiety Vs. Fear-Panic….

Anxiety mobilizes us into action (as long as, we are remaining within our window of tolerance). ‘Some’ anxiety is good. We require it to mobilize us when our alarms go off, when we are expected to be somewhere, and when a task is needed to be completed.

Within the current state of our world we need to remain mindful of what am I doing, actively doing on a regular basis to keep myself within my anxiety window of tolerance?—

1. Am I getting physical movement for 30 minutes daily?
2. Am I socially connecting with my support network (virtually included)?
3. Am I practicing my mindfulness/mediation?
4. Am I informing myself with factual information?
5. Am I doing my self-care practices?
6. Am I limiting my time on social media? Etc.

Asking yourself what those important questions are for yourself. On a regular basis (not just once a day), but when we notice the anxiety shifting within us.

Fear and Panic are responses when we are reacting based on lack of understanding, lack of information and when we are pushed beyond our window of tolerance. It is the act of reacting rather than responding. The concern with being within this realm is that fear and panic breed very quickly through our social networks, social media, etc.

We need to remain accountable for ourselves—

1. Have I fact-checked this information?
2. Am I sharing helpful/needed information or opinions?
3. Have I taken care of my own needs today?