Monthly Archives: May 2020

The Beauty within Change…

“Spring —Is a lovely reminder of how truly beautiful change can be.” –Unknown.

As we are currently living within a pandemic lots of changes are occurring beyond our control. There is also lots of idle time to focus on those changes, and our inabilities to stop or impact them the way we may desire. Naming our power and control, recognizing our needs, and being able to communicate them are all major steps towards forwards positive movement.

As we are faced with some major changes. There is many things to consider:
1. What active role do I want to participate within this change as?
2. What do I want to remain the same? —This is possible/realistic?
3. What changes am I looking forward too? —What am I going to embrace?
4. What boundaries do I need to consider within this change?

Be generous with yourself!—You’re doing some incredible work within a very challenging time!