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Resisting the Labels of Others

Recognizing the impacts of others perceptions of us is an important reality to name, but can be a debilitating reality to sit within. It is important to know that other’s labels are theirs; their understanding, judgement, and comfort. You do not need to accept that label. It is important to note: That this concept goes both ways. We do not have the right to label others, just as they do not have the right to label us. Regardless of rights, labelling occurs. The value of your identity is the important factor to consider and name for yourself.

We become free from the labels when we face them, reflect, and determine what identity we choose and move forward within that. Take a moment to pause, turn inward and see what that is for yourself.

Resources to read to dive into this concept further: Dr. Edith Eger: The Choice; and The Gift.

*Understanding the there are many factors within our world that add to these labels (stereotypes, discrimination, racism, hatred, and the list goes on!) These are further reflections that need to be considered/named as well.