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Realities of Attempting to Please the World…

“When a woman finally learns that pleasing the world is impossible, she becomes free to learn how to please herself.” –Glennon Doyle

The pressures, stereotypes, stories told, and expectations placed upon woman from all angles; family, partners, work places, society, and the list can be never ending are the impossible. Finding ways to unlearn, activate our critical mind (trusting and listening to it more importantly), asking questions, and taking a step out of this impossible world. By doing this it allows for a lot of new opportunities, internal wants, and desires to be heard that often woman are unable to access for themselves.

To start that reflection ask yourself a few questions:

1. Why am I in the field of work I am? What led me to this path (who’s expectations am I fulfilling)?
2. What role do I play within my family system? Is this the role I’d choose? (Who’s needs are being fulfilled with me in this role)?
3. How am I seen by my support system around me? (What pressures am I absorbing from this)?