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Processing Our Grief…

When we are within our grief journey there is a clear beginning; when we lose that person (that means the world to us), that position (we worked so hard to obtain), or that role (we held within someone’s life). There is no definitive end to our grief, it shifts with us.

Grief changes how we hold things. It impacts us at all levels. With grief we are often waiting for it to move on, to end; to allow us to get back to our life as we knew it. That is the important item to start to understand and process. There is no going back to the life we knew. There is movement forward towards the shift and learning to embrace the new. The new way we hold their memory, the new position/direction, and the new role to hold within someone else’s life.

There is an important difference between moving forward vs forgetting the past. Moving forward does not discredit the grief, nor does it require you to forget what was. We just need to find a way to honour it.

How will you honour your grief? —–for me I will hold their memory tight and share their stories, and their light within my daily interactions.