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Living for Yourself

Within the book Burn Out- By Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski; They speak to an important concept of the ‘Human Giver Syndrome.’ This concept highlights the methodology that society feeds off the belief that we (especially women) have a “moral obligation to give your entire humanity and do so cheerfully.” It is the belief of:

1. ‘Owing’ something to all those relationships around you.
2. That any ‘failure’ of being kind, calm, self-less is a failure of you being a human.
3. That ‘failure’ is deserving of harsh punishments—resulting in negative cognitions.

The damage that the ‘Human Giver Syndrome’ creates is a barrier that ultimately stops you from pursuing a larger meaning in life. It stops us from believing in ourselves and taking risks, putting ourselves first, and active problem solving that looks out for our best interest. As the ‘Human Giver Syndrome’ forces us to live a life for others, not ourselves.

Take a few moments to reflect if this represents you in any way, if it does take some active steps today to start living for YOU.