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Finding a sense of purpose in an inadvertently ‘over-productive’ world!

We are often driven by our sense of purpose, and this is often gained by our measurement of being productive. This reality can often overwhelm us and leave us feeling not enough. No matter what achievement we complete, or accomplishment we level up too we can fall into a trap of a never-ending loop of “what’s next?” and miss out on the celebration of “what I have already done.”

In order to understand this for ourselves better we need to ask ourselves these questions:

1. What is your sense of purpose (where do you locate this within yourself)?
2. How do you feel most productive (within action, and absence of action)?
3. What external validation do you require to measure purpose and productivity?
4. Does any internal validation matter for you? And are you giving that to yourself?
5. What is the goal (and the steps to achieve it)?
6. How will I know once I have achieved that goal?
7. How am I going to celebrate that success?