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Judgments: Changing Our Perceptions!…

Seeing someone at surface level can be completely debilitating (on ourselves and others). As humans we naturally judge our surroundings and those within it, this is innate within us. Built into our survival instincts.

So the question is— how can we use our judgments for the positive rather than viewing people with negativity?

First it is important to understand the other side of our natural judgments. The person you are viewing and placing judgments on, ‘possibility such as less or unfortunate’ is someone’s child, partner, friend, buddy, lifeline, hero, parent, family—- most importantly they are a person. A human-being!

Second comes a shift—Rather than having a critical point of view of others and their circumstances. —- Lets change that to having a genuine inquisitive view point. Being interested in how others overcome obstacles and build their resilience.

Making this shift and devotement will only improve our perspectives of the world and how we interact within it.

Seeing others for more than just the surface. Seeing them for what they are, by overcoming these obstacles, events and heartache.

Giving others the care and support THEY desire, rather than imposing our judgments onto them.

Ponder for a moment if within this world each one of us treated others as they wanted to be treated rather than imposing our perspective and judgement upon them!