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How effectively do you believe we communicate as a: Generation? Society? or Species? Overall—the evidence shows that we have vast need for improvement.

Some key steps in addressing  this would be to acknowledge the barriers, remove them (as best as possible), and improve our skills. Resulting in an effective two-way dialogue. 
Barriers (not an exhaustive list):
  • Judgements (of the situation, person, or self).
  • Distractions (environmental, electronic, or internal).
  • Inability to understand the other (jumping to conclusions, only listening for what you’re wanting to hear, or giving what you would want rather than what the other needs).

 Skill Improvement (not an exhaustive list):
  • Actively being present (body language, non-verbal queues, and acknowledgment).
  • Actively listening (allowing space for words-and-silence both equally).
  • Not coming to the conversation with an answer or a goal to “FIX” their concern (this action also takes the pressure off of you).
Within the fast pace world that we live we are often looking for quick solutions and want to speed up the process while we are in conflict. The challenge is as we rush things with the mentality of a “quick fix”—we prolong the conflict. As each individual is not getting what they are needing.

Let’s make that commitment to slow down—- by giving the space and time—- which will allow us to remain open in our communication!