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Changes within this Holiday Season

Holidays within the best of times can be a stressful time for many individuals (with the potential of also being exciting and joyous). The following will influence how the holidays have been viewed by yourselves in the past: your family relationships, traditions, external and internal expectations, present day grief experiences, and personal boundaries within these elements. This year especially has several added elements that are beyond our control in terms of living within a global pandemic. Restrictions are needed to be imposed, and therefore traditions and past behaviours are being forced to change.

Change is not a simple transition. It is challenging, emotional, and heavy at points. But change is the only way through a growth experience. Therefore, looking into this holiday season what can you do to support yourself throughout this change?—

1. What new traditions can you start?
2. What old traditions needed to end regardless (that weren’t serving your needs any longer)?
3. What old traditions can be altered to work?
4. What boundaries do you need to put in place with others, or
5. What boundaries do you need to enforce with yourself?

From this experience you’re going to be able to self-evaluate further as to what you’re needing and what you’re needing closure from. Give yourself that permission this holiday season.