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Burnout within Lockdown:

As humans we are wired and programmed for connection. We are driven to develop and maintain connections with other people, animals, and living things. Within are current state of the world: Ontario Lockdown (due to the global pandemic) we are requested to isolate and distance. This reality is leaving a lot of individuals feeling disconnected and ultimately leading us to feeling burnt-out. This can be a heavy weight we are left carrying.

Rather than remaining within this heavy reality of disconnection. We can shift our perspective to what is within our control and abilities.

How can we maintain meaningful connection within our current times?

1. Virtual communication (text, telephone call, video), while possibility sharing food
2. Socially distance walks
3. Socially distance camp fires
4. Game Night/Dance Party with a virtual twist

*Taking a reflection on all the ways we found connection in the past is seeing if we can put a twist on it to make it a safer option within our present times. Giving ourselves some grace to be able to ask for what we’re needing and being open minded to trying something within a different context.