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Holding ourselves accountable for our actions is an essential part of our integrity.
Ensuring we are not taking on others perceived judgements is essential to our self-worth.

These two factors are easier to state than to accomplish on a daily basis but are essential to our accountability. It is hard to consistently ensure that we are taking accountability for our words and actions. It is just as hard to not take on others labels or judgments of ourselves as our reality.

How can we take steps forward in attempts to accomplish this?

1. Calling awareness to our impact:
a. What is the intention of my words or actions?
b. Was my intention accomplished?
c. Taking ownership.

2. Noticing your reactions to others impact:
a. Affirming that your value/worth is not determined by another!
b. Understanding why you are taking those labels/judgements on as your truth.

This is an ongoing assessment. It is something that you will likely have a few miss steps on—be gentle with yourself. Each moment is a fresh start.