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The Power of Our Mindset…

Our thought process is a direct reflection of our emotions and behaviour. From the moment we wake up in the morning the thoughts that are running through our mind are setting the stage for the day.

Our thought process often is in a default mode. Ex: “Ah-it’s Monday- I don’t want to go into work today.” Our emotional state and behaviours that follow are a direct representation of those initial thoughts .

How can we shift our default?
1. Acknowledgement. Notice what your thoughts are. Become intentional.
2. Actively shift your thought process. Ex: “It is Monday! Today is a fresh start. It may be challenging but I am going to learn something from this.”
3. Repeating this process will shift your mindset to being open and positive about what is to come (including the unknown).

*This process is not a simple one. It takes time, patience, and self-love (for the moments when you falter).