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The Need for Taking Care of Yourself: “Self-Care”

The idea of Self-Care can be a misunderstood concept that we lump into this idea of taking a bath, reading a novel, or going for a walk; with this understanding that these activities of care will “cure us”. Don’t get me wrong these three examples can be great start to self-care but there is more to it for each of us (and we are all needing something different, therefore, comparisons to others would not be effective for us).

This time of year especially with the holidays before us and having the time away from work-school-volunteering, and the overall change to our regular routines as a whole can equate to added pressure. Therefore, this is a heightened time to self-access what self-care measures are needed for yourself. So let’s take a few moments to prepare ourselves for what is to come:

Taking some time to reflect on what helps you recharge? (‘the idea of what adds to your bucket’).

1. Is there any physical movement activities that you enjoy? (sports, workouts, walks, etc.).
2. Is there any social events that add energy to your day? (who are those with, what are the environments like?).
3. Is there any activities you enjoy in isolation? (reading, reviewing helpful resources, etc.).
4. What allows for you to feel cared for? (do you need to share this with your support system to let them to be involved?).