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Stress within the Holidays…

This time of year can bring excitement, joy, and connection. It can also bring reminders of disappointments, sadness, and loneliness. Being mindful that both aspects are a reality for individuals, including shifts from one end of the spectrum to the other.
How can you influence which end of the spectrum you fall on?
1. Noticing what is going on for yourself (taking an inventory).
2. Mindful that moments of celebration often can be a reminder of those that are not here to share that joy with us (honoring their presence within a new realm, while giving yourself permission for grief to make an appearance).
3. Giving yourself permission to attend gatherings on your terms (setting healthy boundaries and expectations with those your surround yourself with, and also yourself).
4. Acknowledging that others might be faced with challenges and your energy and involvement can either positively or negatively impact them (taking ownership of yourself).