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Find Your Inner Gratitude

Situations that we do not plan for happen within our lives. These experiences often leave us feeling a sensation of guilt and holding negative cognitions such a: “I am not good enough, or I should have known better.” Naturally our brains are geared to land within self-critical beliefs.

We need to be cognitively aware of those beliefs and call attention to our gratitude. What is going well? What am I thankful or grateful for? Especially within this overwhelmingly negative moments. This process does not come naturally for us. We need to become aware of the negative thoughts to acknowledge them, and shift into what has this negative situation brought forward for me. In all circumstances there is a seed of positivity, growth, or something to be grateful for.

This process is a practice. Starting off by training ourselves to see the good in everyday life is a fantastic start. At the beginning of each day plant your feet on the ground when you get out of bed; and thinking to yourself of one thing you’re grateful for. This sets the tone of your day. This programs your mindset and shifts your default messages into positive ones.

What are you grateful for today?