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Find a New Sense of ‘Normal’…

The word ‘normal’ has always had a negative connotation for a lot of people. As ‘normal’ is used as a comparison to identify those that fall into abnormal or not good enough subsections. For the purpose of this post I’m pushing aside those identifications of ‘normal’ and highlighting that ‘normal’ is individualistic, there is no wrong here. ‘Normal’ is your definition—it is what you would be doing as a regular part of your day-to-day. It is your routine. Within the past 5-6 weeks your sense of ‘normal’ and routine has be taken away from you.

Whether you are working from home, continuing to go into work, laid off, stay at home parent, a student, on parental leave, retired or continuing on a job search your life has been impacted. Within this global pandemic no one person has been left unaffected. This presents a shared experience. Regardless of your socio-economic, relationship, or overall status.

That is not to say that we are on an equal playing field (privilege is still apparent). But there is a shared experience for us all.

When we can share an experience with another human it connects us. As humans we are wired for connection (Brene Brown researched and spoke to this with such beauty). **It is finding the opportunities within this new ‘normal’ to foster that connection and reach out to our support systems, to someone new, old friend, neighbour, etc.

Living within the 21st century virtual connection will be our wiring for the next while.. Now it is time to find new ways to embrace it!