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Equitable Households…

The idea of living life with a partner where you are both doing 50-50 in all aspects is not realistic. That can be a harsh statement to read and feel seen in. You may be stressed and overwhelmed currently (or have been for some time) and have had continuous conversations with your partner of needing help or have been unsure how to start the conversation and ask for what you are needing (could also be coming from a place of unsure of what you are needing).

What I am meaning by 50-50 being unrealistic is that equal is not the goal, having an equitable household is. However, one partner doing 90-100 % of the household management isn’t realistic for a long-term healthy family dynamic. Establishing balance and understanding is key.

A great resource/book ‘Fair Play’ by Eve Rodsky speaks to the rebalancing of the household cards/tasks we hold within our family units (with or without kids). This can be a helpful learning experience and game to get to know your partner on a different level. It speaks to understanding the core values you each have and what the full task of each household responsibility needs to look like.

This game forces and guides us to have the conversations we may not have the words to start. It gives ques to understand what’s important to you and why, as well as your partner’s priorities.