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Beauty within Grief

Certain times of year, events, smells, sounds, and slight changes are often reminders of those special individuals that are no longer here with us in the physical sense. Grief Moments— These reminders (or/triggers) can be a sense of comfort (often when we’re ready for them and see the beauty within them) or can be a sense of guilt/loss (when we are holding onto the negative belief around ownership or blame). These two different angles provide us with a lot of information to our certain situation and what we are requiring to heal, and the possibility we hold to move forward and bring that individual’s memory with us (in a positive sense). As I have determined many years ago, grief does not end— it shifts and changes as we move forward.

One of the most grateful moments within grief for us, is the reminder of the reality of the present moment. Take in each moment! You never know it is the last phone call, hug, laughter, text, etc. Until the moment is gone. Learning to embrace the moment for what it has the potential to be is the ideal practice to cherish those that are important within our lives.

The realization that grief does not need to be this dark cloud we carry with us, it can be the light that shines through.