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Am I Enough?—-Yes you are!

Recognizing our internal state of mind and acknowledging our feelings, is a needed process in order to obtain productive and long-lasting growth.

Feelings of needing to be more. Feelings of not being enough. Fighting against these feeling is going to pull us further into the negative.
1. Recognizing these feelings, understanding that they are a feeling and that it does not define who we are is part of the process.
2. Naming where these feelings are coming from? (—often comes from pain, hurt, and trauma).
3. Allowing ourselves to identify what our thoughts are, will allow us to stop the process from repeating.

Taking action towards something positive. Allowing yourself to take a step forward—-what is something you can do today to remind yourself of joy? [ex: going for a walk, reaching out to a friend, reading a book, dancing, etc]. When we change our actions, and give ourselves some credit we can change what are default thoughts and feelings are. Which allows us to see what our support systems can see within us that, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

**As you are going through this growth process for yourself. Hear it from my voice until your internal voice can muster it—- YOU ARE ENOUGH.