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All or Nothing Thinking…

Often times when it comes to a change we have this way of thinking that it has to be ALL or NOTHING. We will not allow ourselves to ease into something and step through the motions—this is relevant when it comes to healthy eating, sleep routines, exercise, employment, or even our thoughts around losing a loved one.

We have thoughts around the idea—that life is not indefinite so what is the point of embracing this for a short while. The point is—life is worth living with each embrace as long as we absorb as much as we can from each experience we will gain what we need and leave an impact. The impact we leave is up to us—

New Year’s resolutions also fall within this category— we place additional pressure on ourselves by having this notion that it is a “New Year: New Me” and now I must comply with all these goals/changes each and every moment and once I fall short once—it is all over and I might as well go back to my old ways. We force ourselves into that negative thinking loop.

Therefore, the question is how do we make this stop?—Step One: Acknowledging that this is occurring. Step Two: Determining what the goal of the behavior is. Step Three: If the goal is to better yourself—we don’t need to accomplish everything all at once. Step Four: Determine the impact we want to have on our lives and others. One item at a time will ease and train our brains into being rewired—with how I think about situations rather than forcing ourselves into this ALL or NOTHING. —-As this way of thinking is setting us up for failure. Perfectionism does not exist.

The goal is finding the beauty within our imperfection!